Seminar-Benchmarking on Understanding the Young Adults and their Literature Today


To All PASLI Seminar participants,

We would like to thank the 140 of you for attending our Seminar-Benchmarking Activity held on October 10, 2017 at Henry Sy Sr. Innovation Center, Miriam College, Quezon City.  Your presence together with your active participation, feedback, and ideas are greatly appreciated in making this event a great success!


YA-right! by Ms. Bebang Siy


Reading Behavior and Preferences of 21st Century Young Adults                                           by Ms. Rossana Z. Maglalang

Download presentations:

YA-right! by Ms. Bebang Siy

Reading Behavior and Preferences of 21st Century Young Adults by Ms. Rossana Z. Maglalang

PASLI Seminar participants
PASLI Seminar-Benchmarking participants
Miriam College Innovation Center
Benchmarking at The Philippines FIRST Integrated Makerspace
PASLI Sponsors and Exhibitors
PASLI Sponsors and Exhibitors: C&E, UMX, Aslan, Felbien, Felta, Phoenix, Adarna, Forefront, Lampara, Precious Pages, and Gentle Star Trading.

Thank you and see you in  #PASLI@40



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