Helping hands


Librarians helping librarians.

Are you looking for sponsorship for your library program development?  Library Science studies?  thesis grant? or attendance to some professional librarians’ seminar? Here is a segment dedicated to help connect you with some possible grant applications online. Check their inclusive dates or effectivity periods.

Elsevier Foundation:  Grant for Innovative Libraries Program

ALA Online Course Grant for professional librarians in developing countries

UN Library Network:  Grant Programs for libraries

Are you  asking for possible donors of books for your school library? Or, are you looking for possible donee school library for your books? Or maybe, you need some help in addressing issues inside the library? Here is a page dedicated to help school librarians in the Philippines hurdle the challenges of the times. No promises here though. But assistance comes when you start asking for it. So, simply click on any of the links below for some possible assistance and leave them a  message.

Acts of Hope for the Nation Foundation, Inc.

The Asia Foundation

International Book Bank

Darien Book Aid Plan

NBS Foundation

Or you may leave a message below in case you are inviting school librarians to come and check your books for donation.

Are you looking for possible work in school libraries? Or, are you looking for school librarians to employ?  This segment is dedicated to connect librarians for possible work in school-based library media center. Simply click on the link below for some online advertisements. 

Local Job vacancies for school librarians (

Overseas Job vacancies for librarians (


Free e-Books for children


DISCLAIMER: PASLI is not affiliated with any of the institutions hyperlinked above.  The above list is provided only for the convenience of the users. PASLI is not responsible for the currency and reliability of  the information contained therein .


2 thoughts on “Helping hands”

  1. we are looking for possible donors of books for our school library. a Chinese school library needing Chinese-English-Filipino library materials.Thank you very much!

  2. Deped Cotabato Division Library Hub are looking for possible book donation. We lack collection in English, Mathematics, Science and Literature, K-12 curriculum. We are glad for helping our library. Thank you Edna G. Mojica-Librarian.

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