In 1955, the school librarians of Manila organized themselves and formed the Manila Elementary School Librarians (MESLIB), while the secondary school librarians also had their own, the Manila Secondary School Librarians Association (MSSLA). These were the first associations of school librarians in the country. These two associations worked hand in hand in various activities dealing with books, libraries and reading. They also undertook activities for staff development under the advisorship of the supervisor of libraries. One of the major accomplishments of the Association was the granting of incentive pay for the librarians . The amount was not much, but it directed attention to the importance of the school library and the task of the school librarians.
             In 1976, the Manila Public School Librarians and the supervisors of libraries conceived of organizing a national organization for school librarians. Miss Pilar R. Perez, the very energetic and dynamic librarian of Arellano High School, spearheaded the organization. She was assisted by Miss Honorata Diegor, MAPESLA president who worked that a memorandum be issued to the field in order that librarians from all over the country may be allowed to come to Manila on official time, with financial assistance for transportation and seminar fee. The seminar workshop on school librarinaship was held at the Carmelite tertiary House on Araneta Avenue in Quezon city on May 30,1977. One hundred fifty two (152) school librarians attended the seminar. It was on June 1, 1977 when the Philippine Association of School Librarians was born. Registration at the Securities and Exchange Commission was made only on February 1, 1996.
             Determined to improve the school librarianship in the Philippines, PASLI’s membership continues to grow with teachers and school librarians from Batanes to Jolo.


Enriching Students. Empowering Libraries

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