Article IV: Membership

Section 1. There are three kinds of membership in the Association: individual, institutional and honorary.

       (1) Individual members are those who are degree holders and have earned units in library science and/or working in a school library.

             a) Regular members are those who are directly involved in school librarianship and are professional librarians in accordance with the Philippine Librarianship Act.

             b) Associate members are those who are engaged in library work and/or interested in the promotion and development of school librarianship. They may vote but cannot be elected into office. They may serve in committees up to chairmanship.

       (2) Honorary members are the retired officers, members, and benefactors who ahve exhibited interest in the support of the activities of the Association.

Section 2. Annual membership due shall be collected from each member during the annual seminar each year for the ensuing year in the amount approved by the Association.

       (1) Regular and associate members shall pay the amount as approved.

Section 3. Termination and reinstatement of membership.

       (1) A member who fails to pay his/her membership due shall be temporarily stricken out form the roll of members.

       (2) Reinstatement shall be made upon payment of his/her membership due.

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